Sensord - UX Case Study

Enabling Industrialists to remotely monitor their storage spaces


Customers in a month


Reduction in Task Completion time


User Satisfaction


Introduction & Scope

Several manufacturing units, labs, pharmacies & storage spaces have a need to regularly monitor temperature & other environmental conditions within their premises due to the type of sensitive stuff they store. They spend a lot of human resources and time in regularly monitoring these spaces and even then human errors happen.

How do we provide an intuitive solution which they can trust and easily setup to monitor their storage areas?

My scope of work

User Experience, User Research, User Interface & Visual Design


Web, Desktop, Mobile

ℹ️ Though this is a real project, since it's under strict NDA, I'm applying all the knowledge, my process and designs from that project into a slightly different form without disclosing any confidential information.


Our Target Users & Market

Storage Space Owners
Manufacturing Units
& other Industrialists

03 Design Process

How I utilised my time to the max?

My clients were present in the UK and I was in India. Our targeted end users (atleast for the kickoff version) were people in the UK and hence the entire design process happened remotely.


1. Understand

  • Stakeholders meetings
  • Interviews with the Users
  • Empathy & Affinity Mapping

2. Ideate

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Sketch as much ideas as possible
  • Consolidate & Test the Ideas

3. Prototype

  • Mockups
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Branding

4. Test

  • Stakeholder’s review
  • Testing with the end users
  • Developer Hand Off

Nothing mind-blowing. But yeah... Better not to leave anything for assumption.

04 Research & Ideation summary

Some Interesting stuff I came to know after this stage...

Lack of intuitive solutions for Industrial purposes

Essentially they wanted something as simple as Google Home for Industrial usages.

Too much resources spent on 24*7 Monitoring

They had to employ lot of human resouces for monitoring which took a toll on their expenses.

Apprehensive about trusting softwares

The kind of stuff they store require strict monitoring and any lapse would cause a loss in millions


To allow our target users to efficiently remote monitor their industrial storage areas in realtime without spending much human intervention, get alerts and take emergency actions.

05 Why I did, what I did

Solution & Challenges


Users should be able to relate to our app and setup very fast



Personification & 3D Models

  • Crafted the UX Content in such a way that the app spoke to the end user.
  • Needed to reduce the apprehension in setting up the hardware. Created 3D models so that user can see and just do as instructed.

    Added 3D Models wherever it made sense.
  • Easy & quick setup methodology with minimal user input.
Scanning Screen which shows all available hubs
Just choose one and pair it in one click. As easy as that.
Also used 3D Models for Sensors in the Purchase page

View Wireframes & Sketches


Making Reports & Insights less complicated and faster to comprehend



Sticking with what’s there in their mental model already

  • Sticking to bar/line charts and tables as our users found it the best to derive insights from quickly.
  • Showing only necessary & real time data in the sensor dashboard
  • Moving the more advanced reports to a separate 'Analytics' page
Room Dashboard
Sensor Dashboard
Analytics Page with Smart Insights
The Different Types of Charts Tested

View Wireframes & Sketches



How to reduce human effort in monitoring without any risks?


Comprehensive Alarm System

  • Ability to create multiple alarms with different settings for a single sensor.
  • Add multiple trigger points based on threshold values and also on trends.
  • Alert people through Call, SMS & EMail with custom messages.
  • Trigger smart devices for any immediate action on an alarm.
  • Alarm Insights so that users can debug or focus on any particular room or hardware.
Alarm creation and details screen
Alarm visible in the Sensor Dashboard
View Alarms in different views to get any insights

View Wireframes & Sketches


Mobile app with minimal features

Users also wanted an option to quickly monitor and mitigate any emergencies when they don't have access to a computer.


High User Satisfaction & Fast Adoption

Our users felt our solution was really intuitive compared to a lot of competitor solutions and we onboarded 8 teams within a month.

Visual Design contributed a lot to the success

Visual design & UX Content's impact was felt as more than 60% of our users specifically said it was refreshing to see such friendly and cool design in enterprise usage.

ML Insights & Prediction was very useful

ML based Intelligent algorithms could be used more to report insightful data and prevent any errors before it happens.


Enterprise and Consumer UX are not too different

Consumer UX is deeply ingrained in everyone's mental model. Don't shy away from using some of it's best practices in Enterprise too!

3D Modelling & Blender

Learnt to use Blender and I created all the 3D models used in this application.

Design Evangelism

Our client was slightly new to the design process. Learnt to drive the process with them and proved the impact of it.


Solution & Challenges


We need to make it easy for the user to setup the hardware connection since they are not tech people.

Problem of the user as observed

To design an app that makes it easy for storage space owners to install Sensord's environment monitoring solution, get to visualise mishappenings.

Problem of the user as observed

To design an app that makes it easy for storage space owners to install Sensord's environment monitoring solution, get to visualise mishappenings.

Problem of the user as observed

To design an app that makes it easy for storage space owners to install Sensord's environment monitoring solution, get to visualise mishappenings.

User Flow

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